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Every person who becomes addicted to gambling winds up in this dark place for a different reason. Some turn to gambling in an effort to seek financial freedom while others use it as an escape or to relieve stress. Because every gambler is different and has unique needs, gambling addiction treatment is tailored specifically to the individual needs of each patient. The treatment that will work for one gambler will not necessarily have an impact on the recovery of the next person.

One of the biggest hurdles in treatment is to accept that you have a gambling problem and that you cannot get well on your own. It takes a huge amount of self-confidence and strength to admit that you have a problem and that you need help—this is especially true if you’ve lost significant amounts of money to your addiction, if you’ve had broken relationships and if your life is seemingly in shambles due to the addiction. Fortunately, gambling addiction treatment can lead you on the road to complete recovery.

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Treatment Options

Support Groups

The most prevalent support group for gambling addiction and a significant source of peer support from those who are addicted to gambling is Gamblers Anonymous. This is a twelve-step program of recovery that includes sponsors who work with the problem gambler through the twelve-steps of recovery to help them achieve success. Gamblers Anonymous has been proven effective at helping thousands of people to find the strength to move on in life and to leave gambling and the many negative affects of this disease behind them.

Behavioral Therapy

For some, behavioral therapy is the best bet when it comes to gambling addiction treatment. Behavioral therapy is often provided by gambling rehab centers through counseling that works to provide patients with new ways of thinking and changing their behaviors. Gamblers are taught how to fight the urge to gamble, how to deal with uncomfortable emotions or psychological instances that trigger gambling and how to solve problems without turning to gambling as an escape.

It’s important to realize that seeking treatment for a gambling addiction does not make you weak! There are millions of people who seek therapy for conditions such as substance abuse, gambling addiction or other problems each day. You cannot live a life of hurt, pain and misery—gambling addiction treatment can provide you with the foundation of support and therapy that you need to say no to gambling and to live a life that does not include placing regular bets.