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Finding Help for Gambling Addiction

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Millions of people are currently experiencing a gambling addiction. A person that is seeking help for gambling addiction should know that they are never alone. While we all wish overcoming a gambling addiction was easy as just simply stopping, we need to understand that there are other problems and reasons why a person may be suffering from this type of addiction.

There are several different reasons why people gamble. A few of the reasons are because they like the rush they get, to be more social, numb other personal problems, loneliness, release stress or overcome money issues. No matter what the reason may be, getting the help needed with a gambling addiction is possible.


Hypnotherapy is a great resource when a person needs help for gambling addiction. Hypnotherapy is a process that puts the person in a deep state of relaxation and allows the hypnotherapist into the person’s subconscious mind. Using different techniques, the hypnotherapist will be able to find and break out the behavioral patterns that are causing the gambling addiction. They will also show the person how to overcome their gambling addiction by using different techniques.

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Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship for men and women who are seeking help for gambling addiction. Gamblers Anonymous only has one requirement to be apart of their program, and that is to have the desire to stop gambling. Gamblers Anonymous offers local meetings for people to join and meet other people in person. If the person wants to speak to someone immediately, Gamblers Anonymous offers a toll free hotline service.

Gamblers Anonymous offers a 12 step program for people seeking help for gambling addiction. There has been thousands of people who have went through the 12 step program. These people have recovered from their gambling addiction and moved on to a normal way of life.

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Treatment Options

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Getting help for gambling addiction can be done with cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps the person change their unhealthy gambling problems and deal with the emotions behind it. Since gambling addiction is a mental health issue, cognitive behavioral therapy can help rewire the brain to think differently. There are four steps to change a persons thoughts and beliefs about gambling. They are:

  • Re-label

  • Reattribute

  • Refocus

  • Revalue

When a person seeks out for professional help for gambling addiction, it doesn’t mean that they are weak. These are the people who know that their addiction is out of control and that they need help. Professional help through cognitive behavioral therapy can be the right tool and support that they need to turn their situation around.

There are other ways for a person to get help for gambling addiction. They may be able to solve their gambling problem through psychotherapy, medication, financial counseling, support groups and different self help techniques. Everyone is different, and their addiction is unique. It is important for the person to find out what it is that triggers them, where to get help and how to solve it.

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