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Signs & Symptoms

Gambling addiction signs and symptoms

Learn the signs and symptoms of a gambling addiction!

The lack of physical signs and symptoms of gambling addiction can make spotting this illness and subsequently stopping it in its tracks a difficult and trying process. Because there are no obvious signs the way there are with certain addictions such as those to drugs or alcohol, spotting a gambling addiction can be tricky business. Often times, the signs and symptoms of gambling addiction will go unnoticed for many years because the problem gambler covers the signs up, hides the symptoms or otherwise lies about the current situation to make everything seem “ok.”

Most will go through great lengths to hide their gambling addiction from their friends, family and loved ones—especially when the addiction is clearly a problem. Most will sneak around, gamble on their own, hide the amount of money that they spend and otherwise take great measures to make sure that their secret is not leaked—that is until they have such great financial loss or consequences that they can no longer hide the inevitable.

Look out for these signs and symptoms of problem gambling:

  • Secrets. Families should not be full of lies and secrets. If you feel like you have to lie or tell secrets about your gambling, there could be a problem. Sometimes when you feel like others just wouldn’t understand your desire or your need to gamble, there is a solid reason why they don’t understand—you might just be addicted.
  • Lack of control. If you tell yourself that you won’t gamble and then you wind up at the casino after work or if you swear you won’t place a bet and then all of a sudden you are on the phone making a bet against the football game that’s on tomorrow night, you might have a problem. Gambling addiction is marked by an inability for you to control your gambling despite your desire to do so.
  • Spending money that you don’t have. Whether it’s money that was meant for a bill, money that you have not made yet but know you will make at work so you take out a loan or you borrow money to gamble, spending money that you don’t have is a sign of gambling addiction. A huge red flag and warning sign is present when you decide to spend more money to recuperate losses—once you’ve lost, it’s time to give up and move on—not spend more money.
  • Worried family and friends. If you have friends and family members who are worried about your gambling and the reactions that you have when they question your gambling there could be a serious problem at hand. Your friends and family members love you and, if they are worried about the severity of your desire to gamble there could be a real problem at stake here.

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Treatment Options

Help for Gambling Addiction

If you or someone you know is showing any of the above signs of gambling addiction and needs help, consider gambling rehab and the many benefits of this type of treatment. Gambling rehab provides you with a safe, secure atmosphere to get counseling and therapy for the many underlying reasons or causes of your gambling addiction. This may include help overcoming physical problems, financial problems, relationship problems or emotional problems that lead you to gambling as a means of covering these problems up and feeling better. For more information about how gambling rehab can help you, call to speak with a specialist today.