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Causes of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction causes

Find out about the causes of gambling addiction.

There are many different causes of gambling addiction. Gambling addiction is caused by an impulse control problem in the brain. When a person develops an addiction to gambling, it can be in many different ways. A few of the most common activities that a gambling addict will participate in are lottery tickets, betting on sports, Internet gambling, casino games and bingo.

Medical Symptoms

There  are a variety of different medical reasons that can cause gambling addiction. It has been found that some people who take medications to treat restless leg syndrome or Parkinson’s disease have also been found to have gambling problems. It is possible because the chemical messenger dopamine in the person’s brain has changed how they think and react. Also, bipolar disorder has been found to be a trigger for gambling addiction.

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Treatment Options

Financial Problems

Financial problems can be another cause of gambling addiction. When a person finds themselves in a financial bind, they will tend to look for a quick fix. Some gambling addicts will lean towards gambling to solve their problems, just to find out that they put themselves in a bigger hole. They think and truly believe that with only a small investment they have a great chance of hitting a big win.

A gambling addiction can cause the person to have financial problems. They will often spend money they had in savings, money for bills, money to take care of their families and even spend money they don’t have by borrowing it from others. When a person with a gambling addiction finds an opportunity to bet, they will more than likely never pass it up.

Anxiety Disorder

The rush that a gambler gets from making a bet is how it feels to have an anxiety attack. They may become anxious and overwhelmed with their current situation. Compulsive gambling and anxiety disorder are both psychological conditions that are very similar. When the chemical in their brain triggers the central nervous system, it will make the person experience several different emotions, urges and behaviors. These behaviors can lead them into one of the causes of gambling addiction.

One part of the brain that is triggered is the “reward center”. This is part of the brain that is like the clearing house. When a chemical is imbalanced in the brain, it can trigger anxiety and addiction spikes. Some other people may experience a need for sex, shopping or develop severe rage.

Drug And Alcohol Addictions

Another cause of gambling addiction can be the involvement of drugs and alcohol.  Most gambling environments include the use of alcohol and some also include heavy drug use.  Both of these factors can contribute to an increased risk of addiction.Many casinos have fully stocked bars and bartenders there to serve their guests. Also, when a person is consuming drugs and alcohol, their mind is altered, and they may want to make riskier choices. Often the riskier choice may be making a bet of some type.

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Peer Influences

While there are many people who gamble alone, there are plenty of people that gamble because their friends around them gamble. Peer influence is another major cause of gambling addiction.  People tend to take part in similiar activities to those of their peers and can be influenced in negative ways.  Also, when a person gambles and starts to get on a winning streak at the casino, they may like the attention that they get. This attention that they get from other people can encourage their gambling habit more and cause the person to make more riskier moves and bets.

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